Sky Airline

Sky Airline Inc. is a Chilean company Conveyance of passengers, cargo and mail, which began its activity in 2001 in the Caribbean.

In June 2002, began its operation in Chile, with flights from Santiago to the north of the country.

We have a fleet of Boeing 737-200 and Airbus A-320. Our regular destinations are 14 in Chile, Buenos Aires – Argentina, La Paz – Bolivia Lima and Arequipa – Peru. Also perform charter flights to Chile and South American countries.

Sky Airline is distinguished by its timeliness, performance schedule and a very good service on board, managing the expectations of most demanding customers.

Since 2005, the company is a member of IATA Clearinghouse Achila, High and Mita.

Service on Board

For the feeding of our passengers have chosen the world famous company Sky Chefs, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, giving you a healthy and high quality.
If you or accompany you in flight requires a special diet, please request when you purchase your ticket or the number 600 600 2828 at least 12 hours notice prior to your departure.
On board we offer from non-chlorinated water or minerals, fancy drinks, juices, milk, coffee, tea, wines and spirits.

Entertainment on board
Our monthly magazine editing, the inflight magazine provides interesting articles and information.
For small there is always a special attention.
In the morning flights from Santiago daily offer.
Special service for disabled people
By requiring wheelchair or other special services, please request in advance to our call center 600 600 2828 or at our retail outlet.


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