Boeing 777-200ER

The 777-200ER (“ER” extended range) version of the market B -200, was originally known as the 777-200IGW by increased gross weight. [139] The-200ER has additional fuel capacity and increased maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) in 200. [137] Directed aéreasinternacionales companies operating on transatlantic routes, [16] the maximum range of 7,700-200ERes nautical miles (14,300 km). [137] In addition to breaking the circle to the east “distance without landing” record, the 200ER, also holds the record for most largoETOPS-related emergency flight diversion (177 minutes in a motor), a United Airlines flight with 255 passengers on March 17, 2003, on the Pacific Ocean. [140] [141]
The first-200ER was delivered to British Airways on February 6, 1997. [66] From January 2012 to 33-200ER deliveries amounted to 415 different customers, [8] laclasificación-200ER that the most widely produced variant of the twin-engine time. [65] From July 2011, 428 variant were in airline service. [9] the competing Airbus plane was the A340-300.


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