Boeing 767-400ER

The 767-400ER, the first wide-body Boeing jet dostramos resulting from the fuselage, [127] entered service with Continental Airlines in 2000. [41] The tipocuenta with a length of 21.1 feet (6.43 meters) above the 767-300 for a total length of 201.25 feet (61.3 m). [128] the size was also increased by 14.3 feet (4.36 m) through the addition of extended wingtips and passed. [56] Other differences include an updated cabin, redesigned landing gear, and 777 to the signature style of the Interior. [129] Power is provided by uprated Pratt & WhitneyPW4000, or General Electric CF6 engines. [56]
The FAA granted approval for the 767-400ER to operate 180 flights ETOPSminutos before entering service. [130] Because of its fuel capacity was not increased compared to previous models, the 767-400ER has a range of 5.625millas nmi (10,418 km), [131] less than previous extendido767 range. [65] type typical routes include London to Tokyo. [131] A long-range version, the 767-400ERX, was put on sale in 2000, but canceled a year later [66], leaving the 767-400ER the only version of the larger 767. [57] of Continental Airlines and Delta Air Lines, the variation of only two customers of airlines, 37 aircraft have been no other outstanding orders. [1] Both aéreasestaban lines operating all of its 767-400ERs from July 2011. [116] A further example is produced as a military test, and later sold as a VIP transport. [132] type closest competitor is the Airbus A330-200.


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