Boeing 767-300ER

The 767-300ER extended-range version of 767-300, entered service with American Airlines in 1988. [41] such as longer range is made possible by tanquesde fuel and maximum takeoff weight greater than 407,000 pounds (185,000 kg). [46] improvements in the design allowed the maximum takeoff weight to 412,000 pounds available paraaumentar (187,000 kilograms) in 1993. [46] Power is provided by Pratt & Whitney PW4000, General Electric CF6 or RB211 Rolls-Royce. [46] Typical routes include the type of Los Angeles to Frankfurt. [47] the combination of increased capacity and range offered by the 767-300ER has been particularly attractive to operators of 767 new and existing [110] allowing you to become more successful version of the aircraft [121 ]. airlines have placed more orders for the type of all variants combined. [121] in February 2011, 767-300ERs placed in 584 deliveries with 22 other laid-pending. [1] airline had 511 examples deljulio service from 2011. [116] type is the main competitor Airbus A330-200.


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