Boeing 767-300

The 767-300, the first extended version of the aircraft entered service with Japan Airlines in 1986. [41] has an extension rate of the fuselage of 21.1 feet (6.43 m) above 767-200, achieved by additional sections inserted before and after lasalas, for a total length of 180.25 feet (54.9 m). [40] Reflecting the growth potential built into the original design of 767, wings, engines, and most lossistemas were largely unchanged at 767-300. [40] An exit door in the middle of the cabin forward of the wings is optional [24], while more powerful Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and Rolls-Royce RB211 later became available. [46] The larger capacity 767-300 has been used in high-density routes within Asia and Europe. [120] for the type deliveries totaled 104 aircraft and there are no outstanding orders. As of July 2011, 101 of the variant were in airline service. The main competitor was the type Airbus A300.


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