Boeing 767-200ER

The 767-200ER was the first extended-range model and entered service with the Alen 1984. [41] The type is wider due to a central tank combustibleadicional and a higher maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of up to 395,000 pounds (179,000 kg). [40] [42] the type was originally offered with the same engines as the 767-200, while more powerful Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and General Electric CF6 later became available. [40] the 767-200ER is elprimero 767 to complete a nonstop transatlantic journey and broke the record flight dedistancia twin engine aircraft on April 17, 1988 with a flight of AirMauritius from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Port Louis, Mauritius , covering a distance of 8,727 miles nmi (16,162 km). [3] the 767-200ER has been acquired by international operators seeking small paravuelos widebody long distance as New York to Beijing. [3] [42] tipoascendieron deliveries to 121 and no unfilled orders remain. [1] As of July 2011, 64 were examples in airline service. [116] type competidoresincluye the Airbus A300-600R and A310-300.


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