Boeing 767-200

The 767-200 was the original model and entered service with United Airlines in 1982. [3] The type has been used primarily by U.S. companies Stop them long-haul domestic routes between major centers, such as hub of Los Angeles to Washington. [3] [51] the 767-200 was the first aircraft to be used in ETOPS transatlantic flights, TWA from the February 1, 1985, under the rules of derivation of 90 minutes. [43] [51] deliveries for the type of aircraft was 128, [1] and 64 examples of the variant were in airline service from July 2011. [116] the type of competitors includes the Airbus A300 and A310. [117]
The 767-200 ceased production in the 1980’s due to be replaced by laprolongación the range 767-200ER. [40] Some of the first 767-200s were updated after the extended range specification. [51] In 1998, Boeing began offering conversion at 767 -200 767-200SF (Special Freighter) specification for application of load, [118] and Israel Aerospace Industries has been authorized to perform cargo conversions since 2005. [119] the conversion process involves the installation of a side cargo door, strengthened main deck floor, adding load monitoring and safety equipment. [112] The 767-200SF is positioned as a replacement for the Douglas DC-8 freighters.


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