Boeing 757-200PF

The 757-200pF, the freighter version of the production of 757 to 200, entered service with UPS Airlines 1987.Targeted in the market for overnight package delivery, the freighter can carry up to 15 containers and pallets on its main deck, for a volume of up to 6,600 cubic feet (187 m3), while the two lower holds can carry up to 1,830 cubic feet (51.8 m3) of bulk cargo. The ability of the income maximum payload is 87,700 lbs (39,800 kg), including the weight of the container. The 757-200pF is specified with a maximum takeoff weight of 255,000 pounds (116,000 kg) for maximum performance range, fully loaded, the aircraft can fly up to 3,150 nautical miles (5,830 km). Because the cargo does not carry any passengers, which can operate transatlantic flights free from ETOPS constraints. Power is provided by RB211-535E4B Rolls-Royce, PW2037 and PW2040, or Pratt & Whitney engines.

A large door opening up main-deck cargo is installed on the port side forward fuselage of the 757-200pF. The pilots aboard the aircraft through a single entry door installed immediately behind the flight deck on the left side of the aircraft. The winery main cargo deck has a smooth surface and a fixed rigid barrier with a sliding door access serves as a retaining wall next to the flight deck. Both lower wells may be equipped with a telescopic system for loading luggage embedded as load modules. Windows of the cabin and services are not available, and all emergency exits are omitted others. When equipped for transatlantic operations extended range 757-UPS 200PFs improved function of auxiliary power unit, the additional burden of the bay fire suppression equipment, enhanced avionics, and an optional additional fuel tank in the cellar lower stern. Total production for the 757-200pF number 80 aircraft. From July 2011, 79 of them were in service.


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