Boeing 757-200M

The 757-200M, a convertible version, capable of carrying cargo and passengers in your main deck, entered service with Royal Nepal Airlines in 1988. Also known as the Combi 757-200M, retains the type of windows and doors 757-200 passenger cabin, while the addition of a front-side port cargo door in the form of 757-200pF. Kathmandu-based Royal Nepal Airlines, later renamed Nepal Airlines, including the convertible model, as part of an order for two 757 in 1986.

Nepal Airlines ordered the 757-200M to comply with the requirement that an aircraft that could carry passengers and mixed cargo loading, and operating from the Tribhuvan International Airport in the foothills of the Himalayas. Designed from the convertible versions of the 737 and 747, the 757-200M can take two to four pallets on its main deck, along with 123 to 148 passengers in the cabin space remaining. Nepal Airlines’ 757-200M, with Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4 and an increased MTOW 240,000 pounds (109,000 kilograms), was the only example of orderly production.

In October 2010, Pemco World Air Services and Precision Conversions initiated conversion programs to modify parts in 757 757-200 Combi. Vision Technologies Systems launched a similar program in December 2011. All three aftermarket conversions modify the front of the aircraft to accommodate up to ten pallets, while leaving the remaining space to fit around 45 to 58 passenger seats. This configuration is intended for commercial charter flights carrying equipment and personnel at the same time. Customers to convert 757 Combi Group Services include Air Transport, the national airlines, and airlines in North America.


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