Boeing 747 SP

The development of the 747SP came from a joint request of Pan American World Airways and Iran Air, which went in search of a passenger plane high capacity with a sufficient range to cover Pan Am New York Middle Eastern routes between Tehran and Air planificadoIran and New York route. The Tehran-New York route when launched sepuso, was the longest nonstop commercial flight in the world. The 747SPes of 48 feet 4 inches (14.73 m) shorter than the 747-100. Sections fuselajefueron eliminated fore and aft of the wing and center fuselage section redesigned fue.Solapas The SP uses a simplified configuration of a single slot. [117] [118] El747SP, compared to earlier variants, had a taper of the upper aft fuselage at the tail, a double-hinged rudder, and vertical and horizontal yestabilizadores. [119] Power was provided by Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7 (A / F / J / FW) or Rolls-Royce RB211-524 engines. [120]
The 747SP was granted a supplemental certificate on 4 February 1976 and entered service with launch customer Pan Am and Air Iran that year. [118] The aircraft was chosen by airlines wishing to serve major airports with short runways. [121] A total of 45 747SPs were built, [2] with the 44th 747SP delivers the August 30, 1982. In 1987, Boeing re-opened the 747SP production line after five years to build a lasting 747SP a government order of the United Arab Emirates. [118] In addition to its usoaéreo, one 747SP was modified for the experiment of the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in Sofia.


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