Boeing 737-200

-737 To 200
Boeing created a larger and heavier aircraft to accommodate the requirements of United Airlines ordered 40 with options on another 30. The -200 first flew on August 8, 1967 and entered service in April 1968. Over the years, Boeing continually improve aerodynamics, the review of the flaps and adding reverse thrust engines equipped.

-737 To 200 Advanced
Other changes were made and introduced in Example 280a, in 1971, esteincluye better braking system of the landing gear and flaps, Krueger and the wing bordede refined aerodynamics and engine mounts.

The advanced 200 has the option of carrying additional fuel tanks in the hold of the belly and the landing gear gross field was also available as an option.

-737-200C /-200QC (Quick Change)
As with the other models of Boeing 737 freighter variants were construidos.104 freighters were original construction. In addition, 19 variants were built laAvanzada -200 for the U.S. Air Force and designated as T-43.

The last of the “737 of the first generation” was delivered in 1988 after an impressive run of 21 years. During this period, a range of engines was used (all of Pratt & Whitney) of the JT8D-7 through JT8D-17 which resulted in increased maximum takeoff weight of the support by the increasing use of compounds in the examples below.
Most of these aircraft are still in use hush kits today.FAA Stage-3/Chapter-3 approved compatible and are manufactured by Nordam AvAero for the 737-200 and an amendment to the JT8D engine nacelle is available on the Pratt & Whitney further reduce noise levels. An EFIS cockpit upgrade is also available from Rogerson Kratos similar to that produced for the 727.
Advanced 865 200 were built and the last was delivered to the CCAA on 18 dediciembre 1987. By then, the “new generation” 737-300 was flying for 3 years. The 737 continues today to be the world’s best selling airliner.


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