Boeing 737-500

The -500 was offered, due to customer demand, as modern and direct replacement 737-200. It incorporates improvements in the 737 Classic series, allowing longer routes with fewer passengers making it cheaper than the 737-300. The fuselage of -500 is 47 cm longer than the 737-200, accommodating up to 132 passengers. Were offered the two layouts of cab (mechanical and liquid crystal display) 10 using the engine CFM56-3 also saved to a 25% fuel engines on the P & W -200.10

The 737-500 was launched in 1987 by Southwest Airlines, with an order for 20 aircraft, 11 and first flew on 30 June 1989.10 A single prototype flew 375 hours required for the certification process, 10 and 28 February 1990 Southwest Airlines received the first avión.1 the 737-500 became one of the favorite aircraft of some Russian airlines, with Aeroflot-Nord, Rossiya Airlines, S7 Airlines, Sky Express, Transaero, and Yamal Airlines buying secondhand hand to replace the dilapidated Soviet aircraft and / or expand their fleets. Also, United Airlines replaced its 737-200 with 737-500 second hand. In Chile, an aircraft of this series replaces the traditional Calambrito as Presidential aircraft, until 2008, when it replaces a Boeing 767 for its low autonomy, being used for travel inland and within Chile.


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