Boeing 737-300

The prototype of the -300 out of the Renton plant on January 17, 1984, and made its first flight on February 24, 1984.5 After receiving his certificate of flight on November 14, 1984, USAir received the first aircraft on 28 November of that same year.1 As a very popular airplane, Boeing received 252 orders for 1985, and over a thousand during its production.6 the 300 series remained in production until 1999 when the last aircraft was delivered to Air New Zealand the December 17, 1999, registered ZK-NGJ. In December 2008, Southwest Airlines selected Boeing to update their 737-300 with the new tools, hardware and software, to match all your 737-700.7 The 737-300 can be equipped with Aviation Partners Boeing winglets. The 737-300 equipped with winglets is designated as-300SP (Special Performance). The passenger -300 can also be converted into freighter version. There is also a military version used by some air forces, like Chile. It has been used as Presidential Aircraft and has been used to transport delegations to important ceremonies, as in Rome for the Canonization of Father Alberto Hurtado in October 2005.


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