Airbus 310-300

This is an advanced model of the A310-200. The A310-300 exceeds the range in all versions of the A300 and A310. The take-off weight was increased up to 164 000 kg (in the last stage of development) and increased by the installation of a tank in the horizontal stabilizer trim range. With this tank, a new system for the automatic center of gravity during the flight was introduced, resulting in fuel savings over longer distances. This system was incorporated into the A300-600R and is featured on all Airbus long-haul aircraft. There were also additional tanks in the hold order, with which the range could be increased again. This variant was also introduced wingtip fences at the wing tips, thereafter also in any other Airbus Muster. Available engines were General Electric CF6 and Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engine in various configurations. In later years, was offered by Airbus A310, the only-300. The first flight was on 8 July 1985, the launch customer Swissair In 1986, the first machines.


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