The regular transport commercial aviation is an activity that airlines do, be they large or small, dedicated air transport either persons, or of goods on a regular basis, ie itinerary.

The history of commercial aviation course is part of aviation history, and traces its birth to the moments after the launch of the first aircraft and can focus on the beginning of 1910 through the first flight of aircraft ordered to air transport of mail during the first world war. In 1919 born the first airlines that still fly today in the skies of the world are: KLM (Netherlands) in Europe and Avianca (Colombia) in the Americas, the latter began with the name of SCADTA, Sociedad Colombo-German Air Transport since 1940 and is called the American Continent Airways SA, internationally known as Avianca. Note that in 1939 the company was PanAm and routes between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean in a combined carrying passengers and mail, an example of commercial aviation in these early days was the Boeing B40 which operated between San Francisco-Chicago where the young airline Boeing Air Transport Inc., having become the decade of the 30 in the leader of this service by Boeing 314 Clipper flying boat named.

Information About Boeing Company

Information About Airbus Company


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